[RC5] New Ranking System

Zorba the Hutt zorbathut at uswest.net
Fri Jan 28 00:25:18 EST 2000

A few minutes ago I was looking at my stats and realized that there's one
major thing missing in the ranking. We've got blocks completed total, blocks
completed yesterday, rank by block completed yesterday, and all sorts of
stuff like that . . . what we don't have is a ranking by overall keyrate. I
could really use one of those. Ideally with up/down arrows as well -
although what would be REALLY nice would be up/down PERCENTAGE arrows.
Something along the lines of "Your overall keyrate is better than 79.1534%
of the users, up by 0.014% from yesterday!" or something like this. Call me
nuts, but I would find this stat FAR more interesting and useful than what's
up there right now. As it is, I'm competing against some people who haven't
turned in a block in weeks and therefore will fall behind me almost
instantly and some people who have just discovered dnet and have a huge
number of computers to draw on, and thus are shooting past me like a rocket
(my overall keyrate is 600k/s - the guy two slots ahead of me has an overall
keyrate of almost 3000k/s). The people I'm really "immediately" competing
against I'm probably never going to see. They're a few thousand slots ahead
of or behind me, since they joined a few days or weeks sooner or later.
While this would probably be some work to implement, it shouldn't be too
nasty - at most, we're looking at another sort and another entry in the
database. This probably isn't top-priority for the stat maintainers, but I'd
like to get it on their lists, and if there's anything wrong with this idea,
lemme know :)


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