[RC5] Remote buffers from command line

EnoJon enojon at delphi.com
Sat Jan 29 13:28:01 EST 2000

Peter Cordes wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 25, 2000 at 11:16:23PM +0100, Dennis Lubert wrote:
> > I have set up a Batch file for Win32 that copies the file to a temporary
> > directory does the update, and then moves the file(s) back... this should
> > also work with UNC file names, since the flushing is done via the temp-dir...
>  Let me get this straight:  you have one 'net connected machine which you
> use to update the buffers of some other machines.  It grabs the buffers from
> machine x, flushes and fills them, then puts them back?  If this isn't what
> you've got, then disregard what I wrote below (except that you probably should
> think about the general idea...)
>  Good idea.  I think that creates a race condition that if the on the
> machine whose file you are updating finishes a block while its buffer files
> are being updated by your script, then you'll lose the work it just did, and
> you'll do the next work unit twice.  (client will start on it after saving
> the old one, but it is still in the copy of the buffer which was made before
> you copied the file.)  Maybe you should use move instead of copy, so the
> client will do a random block on the probably rare occasions that this
> glitch happens.  The script can detect that buff-out exists again, and flush
> it instead of overwriting.  This essentially solve the race condition, since
> it will take long enough for the client to do the random block that the
> script will have time to finish before the client wants _another_ block.
> (If not, you would need a trickier algorithm for handling the update...)

Well, running the client on Win95 and MacOS with shared buffers
produces an occasional buffer locked or race condition, but the
keys are seldom discarded as one client relinquishes the lock.

And, I have not encountered a problem updating the shared buffers.

I have SHARE loaded on Win95 [OSR1] and File Sharing "on"
for the Mac.  The problems I've encountered with locked buffers
happen on the Windoze side, but force a total "n-plex" reset.
I'm convinced this "feature" is within the WinDos interfacing

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