[RC5] Remote buffers from command line

Peter Cordes peter at llama.nslug.ns.ca
Sat Jan 29 01:53:50 EST 2000

On Fri, Jan 28, 2000 at 01:07:46AM +0000, Peter Cordes wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 25, 2000 at 11:16:23PM +0100, Dennis Lubert wrote:
> > I have set up a Batch file for Win32 that copies the file to a temporary
> > directory does the update, and then moves the file(s) back... this should
> > also work with UNC file names, since the flushing is done via the temp-dir...

>  Good idea.  I think that creates a race condition that if the on the

 Sorry, I just noticed that my wording sounded sarcastic there.  I do think
it is a good idea to script something yourself, instead of expecting
everything you want your computer to do to be an option in dnetc.

 I should have said, "good idea, _but_ I think that creates a race condition."

#define X(x,y) x##y
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