[RC5] Video editing

Ryan_McConigley at notes.dola.wa.gov.au Ryan_McConigley at notes.dola.wa.gov.au
Fri Jan 28 17:49:13 EST 2000

> but, as I saw in another reply to this, do you run dnetc whilst editing
> video?
> not many editing suites leave much cpu to other processes, (well, adobe
> premiere doesn't anyway)

     I run detc on my machine (Cyrix P150) at home when I do captures and
editing.  The capturing seems to work fine, but I'm only doing
15fps/240*320 at 16bit.  With that I can capture until I run out of diskspace
with no problems.  As for the conversion and things, well, its a slow
machine.  I usually start it off, then let it churn away for a few hours
and when I come back its done.  If dnetc adds a few minutes to that I
definately wouldn't notice, but I was curious and had wintop running when I
did some captures the other day, that virtually knocks out the dnetc and
uses pretty well all the CPU, then once its finished the rolls are


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