[RC5] regards to laptop dying

Sean Matheis sean at pentex.org
Thu Jan 27 18:40:51 EST 2000

It doesn't have to be running 24x7 closed.  It depends a lot on the
laptop in question.  My Dell Inspiron 3000 has had its motherboard replaced
twice now, once from the rc5 process heating up the CPU to the point of 
burning the soundchip.  The other was a faulty AC input.

In contrast, I had an older Dell 486 happily running in the corner,
24x7, for weeks with no problems.


On Wed, 26 Jan 2000 09:00:37 EST, Ryo-ohki informed me that
Jason X Pacheco wrote:
* i had a laptop die while running dnetc as well. however the reason is not
* the dnetc program, the reason is that the laptop was sitting closed on the
* floor in a corner running 24/7. laptops are not designed for this. they do
* not cool well, and so if you leave a laptop running 24/7 it'll overheat
* eventually. desktops, towers, etc, are not vulnerable to this, so feel
* free to run your dnetc clients 24/7.
* -jxp
* jxp at jxp.dynip.com
* http://jxp.dynip.com/~jxp

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