[RC5] Adverse effects of participation?

Zypher rc5 at planetfortress.com
Fri Jan 28 09:07:15 EST 2000

re: Power use, general and one more thing to clear up.

Uh, the athlon doesn't pull all that much. I can vouch, mine is o/c 800mhz,
and a 300W PS works fine. It wants good cooling, but it runs fine. It keeps
my room warm at night...while serving files and a fun little daytime quake
server occasionally. I can't even recall the last time I cold booted this
thing...if it werent running windoze and leaky applications, I wouldn't have
to reboot it to clear my memory :/

I've already figured my power usages in an old post (like a year I think)
and since my powersupply and monitor are the same...the worse case scenario
is the same. (The actual use is more, but still well under worse case) but
even at Peak 300W powersupply and 90W Monitor (Though it is really on 30 min
sleepmode :P ) I pay ~$15 more a month,WORSE case. (Always peak draw)

Its amazing how many misconceptions there are about rc5 running with other
apps, HD spindowns and cpu life. (Fine, always on is better than casual use,
you'll throw it away first) I'm glad theres people that are not too busy to
respond to them all.

Time to clear up another one: Often overclocking your cpu really
isn't...more often nowadays you're buying an *underclocked* cpu ;) For
example, the wonderful athlon. If you grab a 500 made in the last few
months, and crack the case, the core will actually have been tested to 600
or 650. (Its etched on the core, so I'd say thats proof enough) The
production is TOO good, they lower enough bins so they can get more lowend
parts, and not screw up their pricing either. Some 550s out in the last few
weeks have actually been 0.18 micron cores...the same ones on the Stock 750s
and 800s.

Lately it hasn't been helping, AMD and intel have gotten into a nice little
price war :) always good for joe blow computer freak until one of them gives
up :/  Intel is notorious for doing *underclocking* as well...I can't even
begin to guess how many PIIs and celerons were pushed out this way. The L2
cache was always such a pain though, and the celeron so much cheaper. The
PIIIs are the same, but until the coppermines the pokey L2 has dampened
efforts. At least with the athlon and some hardware help you can pick
whatever divider you want...1/2 2/5 1/3...even in software now.

/end rambling
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