[RC5] Visualizing Keyspace

Ben Ketteridge ben.ketteridge at proact.net
Wed Jan 26 09:59:02 EST 2000

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From: "Georg Thurner (TC Int'l / G.Thurner)" <georg.thurner at topcall.co.at>
Subject: [RC5] Visualizing Keyspace

> What about a graphic which visualizes the keyspace ?
> A simple rectangle with different colored dots representing:
> Blocks issued for the first time (with no result received sofar)
> Blocks issued with a result returned
> Blocks re-issued
> I think such a graphic would help to understand the progress we make in
> keys.
YES! This would be really useful in getting new users, I am sure.
Although the axes would be carefully thought out, as the block space is really
rather one-dimensional! (sorry have no suggestion just now, but will think on


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