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Zypher rc5 at planetfortress.com
Mon Jan 31 18:38:51 EST 2000

True idling cuts the current to parts of the cpu, not running zeros. This is
how those stupid 'software coolers' like waterfall and cpuidle work. To be
honest though, if your cpu needs that to not freeze up or fry, you either
"over"clocked too high, or need better cooling.

I guess you could call 0 volts 'pushing zeros' but its not really. Pushing a
zero does take energy, an instruction that returns all 0s runs on the same
voltage as one that returns all 1s. 0 and 1 is just a *state* of a
transistor. Those old farts back last century could just have easily decided
our 'positive' is negative, and our 'negative' is positive. Instead someone
managed to make Mr. electron negative and Mr proton positive. Doesn't mean
Mr electron has 'less' charge than Mr. proton though. Its pretty similar for
transitors, the 'off' and 'on' states aren't quite literal. Shoot me if i
generalize, all that hot air is off the top of my head.

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