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> It doesn't have to be running 24x7 closed.  It depends a lot on the
> laptop in question.  My Dell Inspiron 3000 has had its motherboard replaced
> twice now, once from the rc5 process heating up the CPU to the point of 
> burning the soundchip.  The other was a faulty AC input.
We've noticed that Dell Inspirons (3000/3200) get pretty hot! In the case of
one of my collegues, if he has to leave his laptop running over night for some
reason (to defrag, for eg.) he has to leave it hanging over the edge of the
desk to prevent over heating, even without Dnetc! Also, the heat is remarkably
concentrated under the left palm - in fact I can't bear to use the Dell's. The
Toshiba & Gateway portables that I have used have nowhere near this level of
temperature problems.


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