[RC5] New Ranking System

tomdv at datatx.com tomdv at datatx.com
Mon Jan 31 20:32:44 EST 2000

Dear Zorba,
as you may have read, I have launched a similar idea a couple of weeks ago.
I suggested something along the lines of substats. I would base it on the
number of machines teh participant uses. If he tries to cheat, taking a
lower class than he actually has, then a message could be sent.
Whichever way you look at it, I think the idea of competing with your peers
is a much more interesting idea indeed. That is, if you are interested in
stats and not some idealist who does it for the bigger good.
One thing that speaks against the substat is that people who have been on
this project a long time with a keyrate of your class, are in the
interesting regions of the stats. I mean, at least you see some people
passing up as well. If you are just starting, all you see is people
dropping. Right no? So, I think the main stats does serve a point: those
who keep on working see some action.

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