[RC5] Visualizing Keyspace

Ryan Malayter rmalayter at bai.org
Mon Jan 31 16:37:59 EST 2000

Since we have 2^64 / 2^28 = 2^36 blocks, why not make the graph a square running from 0 to 2^18 on each axis. The Y-axis would be the highest-order 18 bits of the first key in the keyblock, and the X-axis would be the next highest order 18 bits.

As a complete bitmap, this graph would be 262,144 pixels per side, so some subsampling would be in order. Perhaps we could reduce the graph to 1024x1024 at 8 bit color, using varying colors to represent the number of blocks complete within each pixel? Or maybe just 6 colors: say blue for all blocks complete, green for some blocks complete, red for some blocks issued but none complete, yellow for some issued with some complete, and white for no activity whatsoever.


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> What about a graphic which visualizes the keyspace ?
> A simple rectangle with different colored dots representing:
> Blocks issued for the first time (with no result received sofar)
> Blocks issued with a result returned
> Blocks re-issued
> I think such a graphic would help to understand the progress we make in
> keys.
YES! This would be really useful in getting new users, I am sure.
Although the axes would be carefully thought out, as the block space is really
rather one-dimensional! (sorry have no suggestion just now, but will think on


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