[RC5] mPower quad G3/4 addin board.. what would this do for D.net processing?

Jerome Lamarque jlamarque1 at cybercable.fr
Thu Jun 29 22:10:52 EDT 2000

Hi Charles,

'lo 'v'ryone,

À (At) 20:02 -0700 27/06/2000, Charles Franks écrivait (wrote) :
>This thing allows you to add PCI card's with 4 G3 or G4 processors per
>card to a PPC or Intel based machine.
>What would it take (besides probably some serious $$ to buy one) to get
>one of these things working D.net style projects??

1) a PCI-based Mac (64xx, 65xx, 72x0, 73x0, 75x0, 7600, 82x0, 85x0, 
86x0, 95x0, 96x0, G3, G4)

2) Dnet's client.

3) there's no 3) ;-)

> Any guess as to the
>key rate??

4x400MHz G3 => 4x1,3Mk/s => 5,2Mk/s plus motherboard processor.
4x400MHz G4 => 4x3,1Mk/s => 12,4 Mk/s plus motherboard processor.

C ya

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