[RC5] mPower quad G3/4 addin board.. what would this do for D.net processing?

ENOJON at delphi.com ENOJON at delphi.com
Thu Jun 29 15:37:47 EDT 2000

<<This thing allows you to add PCI card's with 4 G3 or G4 processors per
card to a PPC or Intel based machine.


What would it take (besides probably some serious $$ to buy one) to get
one of these things working D.net style projects?? Any guess as to the
key rate??>>
Charles, if you dig a little deeper on totalimpact.com's site in the
"performance" and "tech info" section, you'll find some d.net benchmarks
and ratings.  I think they are for 603e200's.  PPC's without Altivec
seem to accelerate at d.net in correlation to mhz. Thus if you plug in
400 mhz G3's, they perform at x2 the ratings of 604e's200mhz.
I think the quad was doing around 96M keys/s though @200mhz.  The G4
quad board might cost less since it requires less circuitry to implement
the MP spec.  And, I think I heard a rumor of ZIF insert with dual chips?

go mot.com..

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