[RC5] dnetc Windows 95/98/NT Install Packaging

Joseph R.Luciano rack.cracker at usa.net
Fri Jun 30 11:13:01 EDT 2000


Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my post.  

Before they had the Win9x Install Packaging, I had devised a set of 2 .BAT
files for the RC5DES client.  One to make a PKZip self-extracting file from 
the raw dnetc files using a packing list, and to create a set of files on a
diskette for "automnated install".  It also invoked EDIT to allow me to
customize my prototype, pre-configured RC5DES.INI file for that specific user.
 The second .BAT file, which was part of my "install package", performed the
install steps on the user's system.  This simplified the install process and
eliminated customization on the part of the user.  It also ensured a
consistent install on each of my team members' PCs.  I guess I will just have
to resurrect and update my old process.  

Thanks for your offer to concoct an automated script.  I am not familiar with
"WSH".  What is it?  Would you send me a sample?


Joe "Papa" Luciano
for Rack.Cracker
and The Lucky Luciano Gang

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