[RC5] team keyservers

Dutchman info at keyserver.org
Thu Jun 1 00:02:17 EDT 2000


I recently started a subdomain service for my team (DPC) that finally got 
out of beta. Since I think the RC5 contest is a world-wide effort I will 
offer this service to all other teams too. The service is quite simpel: 
when you have a keyserver (aka proxy) for youre subteam or team and you are 
stuck with a twelve digit ip adres or a noncense domain name, I can supply 
you with a sub.keyserver.org adress for free. Kinda makes it easier, 
doesn't it Other services like a contest wide forum and a servercheck 
option will follow soon (thanks to some hard working DPC team members Take 
a look at http://www.keyserver.org (not much to look at yet, but it will 
grow) and mail to info at keyserver.org when you have questions.

caretaker of http://www.keyserver.org
email: info at keyserver.org

ps: The forum is now online !

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