[RC5] What's going on here, folks?

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Distributed.net works on the projects which (a) can be distributed on
a network like ours, and (b) have been implemented by a party
interested in the project.  If you have a specific idea how all this
computing power should be used for a particular scientific study, or
to help humanity, or to provide computing power to corporations, the
invitation is open to present your case to the volunteers who are
currently active in DCTI, or even to become one of us.  If your idea
has not been implemented, it is at least partly because YOU have not
invested the time to make it happen.

Creating a new project is not a trivial task, especially for
volunteers who may not be able to contribute time regularly because
of commitments to family, employer or school.  We're not slackers,
but we do have to pay the bills.  We all wish we could do this full
time, but we don't have the luxury.  Right now, various parts of DCTI
are scrambling to get OGR going again, and to fix the statsbox
problems.  Those people are stretched pretty thin.

As far as RC5 vs. other projects, for every person who is bored by
RC5, we have about 2 who won't switch away from it for anything.  If
memory serves, the number of people who switched to CSC was less than
1/3 of the active participants.  Why?  It certainly wasn't for the
prize money - the odds of winning something with CSC were 256 times
greater.  With a response like that, we can't afford to ignore RC5.  

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|I agree......
|Distributed.net should concentrate their efforts on doing 
|something more 
|All this computing power can definitely help in some sort of 
|I'd rather my computer work hard for the cause of 
|humanity......as opposed 
|to breaking a key (booooooorinnnnnggggg)
|This way, perhaps corporations can get involved, and the prize 
|could be incentive for more users to join and donate their 
|idle CPU time.
|At 10:03 PM 5/22/00 -0700, you wrote:
|> > more details about their release shortly.
|>20th of March. That was TWO MONTHS AGO, folks. And I haven't 
|seen a new
|>client version since then. What happened to OGR? What 
|happened to the new
|>client version? What, to put it in a single big question, is 
|going on with
|>The last beta client release was a month ago, and even that
|>explicitly stated that it only fixed a few bugs and was mainly for
|>the purpose of replacing the last beta clients. News flash, folks:
|people find RC5
|>BORING. I know I do. We've been plugging away at it for how 
|long now? And
|>how much have we done? Actually, I can't check right now, 
|because statsbox
|>is down. But it oughta be pretty predictable how the rate is 
|going to look
|>in the next few years. We ought to be able to get a nice 
|graph of precisely
|>what the chance of completing RC5 is in 37 days, or 106 days, 
|or when the
|>chance will be 50%, or when we'll have exhausted the keyspace . . .
|>. . . unless, and I hate to say this but it has to be said, 
|there's a bug in
|>the clients. Like OGR had, which is why we're not doing it 
|anymore. Like CSC
|>had, which is why we went over 100%. I believe it was mentioned at
|>the time - what happens if RC5 goes over 100%? With CSC, it meant 
|a few extra
|>days - with RC5, it could mean a few extra weeks, even 
|months. And correct
|>me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a glitch that involved us having
|>to discard a lot of "mistaken" blocks?
|>I'm not trying to discourage people, I'm not trying to flame, 
|I'm not just
|>complaining. I'm trying to point out that distributed.net 
|hasn't made any
|>improvements, major *or* minor, in months. I personally am 
|bored to death of
|>RC5. I want to do OGR. I want to do *something* more useful. 
|Which is why I
|>just installed the dcypher gamma flux client. I don't know 
|what applications
|>the gamma flux results have, I don't know if the client is 
|anywhere near
|>100% efficient. But it's something to do that seems useful, at
|>least a little bit. And when Processtree starts, I'll switch over
|that. If I'm
|>doing stuff I don't care about, I may as well get paid for it . . .
|>Please, get those OGR fixes you've had for two months now and 
|put them in a
|>release client . . . and get distributed.net doing something 
|useful again.
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