[RC5] What's going on here, folks?

Stanley Appel s.appel at bigfoot.com
Sun Jun 4 18:14:07 EDT 2000

> <<
> 20th of March. That was TWO MONTHS AGO, folks. And I haven't seen a new
> client version since then. What happened to OGR? What happened to the new
> client version? What, to put it in a single big question, is going on with
> distributed.net?
> The last beta client release was a month ago, and even that explicitly
> stated that it only fixed a few bugs and was mainly for the purpose of
> replacing the last beta clients. News flash, folks: many people find RC5
> BORING. I know I do. We've been plugging away at it for how long now? And
> how much have we done? Actually, I can't check right now, because

There are new signs on the horizon. Did you see the change.txt file in the
web server:
 ( http://www.distributed.net/download/changes.txt )
it contains :

Version change log: $Id: changes.txt,v 1.5 2000/06/01 05:35:30 moose Exp $


2.8009.460  new: ppc: new OGR PowerPC core by nate is about 12% faster
            chg: 68k: modified glue code results in up to 4% more speed
            chg: macos: support for all macs ever built (even 68000 based)
            new: macos: the macos client can now run "detached"
            fix: macos: a different networking library delivers many
            chg: macos: priority adjustment works fine now
            new: macos: the client is now controlable through AppleScript
            new: macos: FBA/daemon version
            chg: macos: process detection for "pause-if-running" now works
            new: "pause-if-CPU-temperature-exceeds" (not on all platforms)
            new: "pause-if-running-on-batterypower" (not on all platforms)
            new: macosx: a native (BSD subsystem) client for Server and DPs
            chg: some: OGR is auto-disabled for non-preemptive OSs running
                 low-end cpus. http://www.distributed.net/faq/cache/188.html
            fix: most: user changes to time-of-day won't affect "Summary:"

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