[RC5] What's going on here, folks?

ALBINET Jerome jerome.albinet at cegetel.fr
Fri Jun 9 10:26:10 EDT 2000

I'll only question Bruce's last assertion : 

- it was probably not 1/3 of PEOPLE who switched to CSC, but 1/3 of SYSTEMS.
But we all know  that some people cannot administrate anymore old or distant
(out of reach, ie. in an other company) systems. If every DNET participant
stopped sending keys now, old systems would continue to flush random blocks
'till the end of time ... (hell, I stopped my DNETC activities after the OGR
fiasco, and I'm still credited with 400 blocks per day which I don't know
where they come from !)
So 1/3 of systems switched from contest means perhap's 1/2 of people.

- CSC was also a cryptographic contest, so not everyone bored by those
contests did switch. But OGR took near half of the processing power out of
RC5, which means (cf former argument) more than half of people !

- RC5 always had the status of BACKGROUND contest. There have never been
reasons to think otherwise, as the only think we have proved (and
quantified) is that the algorithm is safe enough.

So, a lot of us are bored with RC5, or more precisely don't think it's
usefull anymore. We want to do something USEFULL, or else we would chase
aliens or those stupid prime numbers. We _believe_ people who say OGR is
usefull. We _believe_ (we can't know) that you are doing your best. But if
things take time, COMMUNICATE ! You've set up an efficient communication
architecture (.plan, mailing list, web ...) so USE IT !

Or else our faith may dim and vanish ]:-(

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As far as RC5 vs. other projects, for every person who is bored by
RC5, we have about 2 who won't switch away from it for anything.  If
memory serves, the number of people who switched to CSC was less than
1/3 of the active participants.  Why?  It certainly wasn't for the
prize money - the odds of winning something with CSC were 256 times
greater.  With a response like that, we can't afford to ignore RC5.  

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