[RC5] Getting the maximum performance out of a single processor machine

Dennis Lubert plasmahh at dialup.nacamar.de
Mon Jun 5 11:18:24 EDT 2000


a lot of people run their machines 24/7 and some of them do not use them 
for other purposes. But running under Linux or WinNT (to get networking 
support) can consume up to 100kkeys/s (especially under WinNT). On most 
single processor machines the Dos client is the fastest, but there is still 
the problem with the network, because MS-DOS does not support TCP/IP, right 
? wrong ! Their is a basic TCP/IP support available (PING and SMB) from 
ftp://fpt.microsoft.com/bussys/clients ( called msclient. download 
dsk3-1.exe and dsk3-2.exe, dsk3-2.exe is referred to as OEM disk in the 
setup). Now simply setup this thing (with compression and Ramdisks it even 
fits on a single floppy), mount a share from an SMB-Server(Win98/NT or 
Linux with Samba) and put the buffers to this share. Since MS-DOS TCP/IP 
also supports ICMP, a single ping can be used to determine if the client is 
still running (when client/dos/tcp crashed the other stuff crashes too). 
This works for single processor machines only, but if someone knows how to 
support SMP under DOS, please let me know. Perhaps it would be also nice to 
implement (if possible) this TCP/IP int the DOS-client.

Dennis Lubert

PS: I have a network of 8 PC's running with this thing, so don't come to me 
and say " Hey this does not work" 

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