[RC5] Irix issues

Chris Frost chris at frostnet.net
Sat Jun 10 00:34:09 EDT 2000

I've been running the dnet irix client for a while, and beginning last
client revision (before 460) the client began having two problems (this is
a R4k Indigo2 running 6.5.6m). If I run it as root, the machine completely
freezes. Instantly nothing responds except for the mouse, and within five
seconds this too is gone. Also, the dnetc doesn't seem to as "play nicely"
with other anymore. When running other cpu-bound tasks dnet continues to
eat lots of cpu (the only public-domain software example I have is bzflag,
the framerate starts around 50fps, and in twenty seconds or so drops to
around 1).

Neither of these were issues until semi-recently, or I would assume (at
least for the latter) that they were irix issues. Any guesses? Anyone else
seeing this behavior?

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