[RC5] Getting the maximum performance out of a single processor

Richard Menedetter ricsi at bigfoot.com
Sat Jun 10 00:54:13 EDT 2000


Dennis Lubert <plasmahh at dialup.nacamar.de> wrote:

 DL> WinNT). On most single processor machines the Dos client is the
 DL> fastest, but there is still the problem with the network, because
 DL> MS-DOS does not support TCP/IP, right ? wrong ! Their is a basic
 DL> TCP/IP support available (PING and SMB)
 DL> from ftp://fpt.microsoft.com/bussys/clients ( called msclient.
 DL> download dsk3-1.exe and dsk3-2.exe, dsk3-2.exe is referred to as OEM
 DL> disk in the setup).

Why not use the wattcp library ??

It is a TCP/IP stack for DOS.

 DL> Dennis Lubert

CU, Ricsi

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