[RC5] Getting the maximum performance out of a single processor machine

Steve Clark sclark at pilat.com
Mon Jun 12 16:28:51 EDT 2000

I assume that these DOS boxes can't be used for anything else, in which case
isn't this a bit wasteful? I remember reading something about all the SETI
competitors creating an extra few thousand tons of CO2 to the atmosphere by
running their PCs 24/7. The machines I have use of are all used during the
day either as workstations or servers with a few being left on all night
either because they are servers or that's what their users prefer to do. I
turn mine off for the weekend so it probably runs for about around 110 out
of 168 hours a week, missing out on a potential 1000 blocks. Obviously
monitors should be off when not required.

Unless you generate your own power or can guarantee that your utility uses
wind/solar/water/nuclear power you will be adding to global pollution. I
know that each PC consumes a relatively small amount, but multiplied by
thousands it soon mounts up. And how many of us actually are actually paying
for that electricity? I'm thinking of those using machines at work.

Of course, you could enable all the power saving features, but then the PC
will probably go to suspend mode and stop processing anyway.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is, is it worth it? I like to see my score
going up, but the potential financial reward is fairly small.


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From: Dennis Lubert
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a lot of people run their machines 24/7 and some of them do not use them
for other purposes. But running under Linux or WinNT (to get networking


Dennis Lubert

PS: I have a network of 8 PC's running with this thing, so don't come to me
and say " Hey this does not work"

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