[RC5] What's going on here, folks?

Kevin O'Gorman kogorman at pacbell.net
Tue Jun 13 06:16:34 EDT 2000

Zulfiqar Naushad wrote:
> ...
> I want distributed (the people I like) to do what I feel is worthy.
> Lets settle this democratically.  Why not have a vote of some sort??

I'm going to make a guess based on experience elsewhere, not with

They do this all the time, sort of.  But the only votes that count
are the ones made by people contributing their time.  Votes are 
weighted by the quality of the contribution.  That's how volunteer
organizations run.

If you want to influence the people who contribute without doing so
yourself, you'll probably need to talk nicer than what I've seen so far.

-- kevin

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