[RC5] What's going on here, folks?

Jason Untulis untulis at netgate.net
Tue Jun 13 03:18:47 EDT 2000

Zulfiqar Naushad <zna at home.com> wrote:

: Here is what I think.  RC5-64 is a dandy project, I think it's 
: great.  HOWEVER and a big HOWEVER is that I want my CPU to do something 
: more "useful".

So get off your ass and implement something.

: For example, dcypher.net is running Gamma Flux which measures radiation 
: decay so that we may be able to store our waste radiation more efficiently.
: That is a project I like because I can say that my computer contributed to 
: the betterment of mankind.

So get off your ass and implement "Gamma Flux" for dnet. Or produce the
mail that shows that you had people who were interested in implementing
all the necessary parts for "Gamma Flux", but dnet didn't want to work
with you. Or ask dnet politely (key being *politely*) for change and move

I will ignore the accompanying assertion that the current search for a key
to decypher RC5-64 does not "contribute to the betterment of mankind". I'm
sure a large portion of the original DESCHALL and RC5-56 decryption
efforts, along with many cypherpunks, would disagree wholeheartedly.

: I still think that distributed.net runs a better show than dcypher.

There's other OGR efforts along with a whole bunch of other distributed
computing projects which are run fairly well.

: Please don't send retarded e-mails stating that if I want something 
: different, then I should switch.

You haven't provided a substantial argument why that point isn't
valid. I will leave the placement of "retarded" to the reader.

: I want distributed (the people I like) to do what I feel is worthy.

Huh? You want to control what people volunteer to do, in their spare time?
That's an interesting superiority complex. You can "want" all you
want. That doesn't mean it's polite, appropriate or right.

I want Zulfiqar to do what I feel is right...

: Lets settle this democratically.  Why not have a vote of some sort??

Lets. How about we vote on whether Zulfiqar should not complain about
d.net's volunteer efforts until we see a modicum of similar effort?

Jason Untulis

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