[RC5] What's going on here, folks?

Nelson Minar nelson at popularpower.com
Tue Jun 13 20:07:09 EDT 2000

Zulfiqar Naushad <zna at home.com> wrote:
>Here is what I think. RC5-64 is a dandy project, I think it's great.
>HOWEVER and a big HOWEVER is that I want my CPU to do something more

I think the achievments of distributed.net and DESchall before it are
astounding. These projects proved the weakness of US-mandated crypto
and had a profound influence on the worldwide debate over open
cryptography. They're also really neat Internet systems.

If you're looking for related kinds of projects, please check out my
company, Popular Power. We've built a general purpose Internet
metacomputer: we use spare cycles to do large jobs, and our
architecture allows us to change jobs on the fly. Our system is up and
running today. Currently, our primary job is a real-world series of
experiments to research how to design more effective flu vaccines.

Popular Power is at http://www.popularpower.com/

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