[RC5] What's going on here, folks?

Basil A. Daoust basildaoust at home.com
Wed Jun 14 01:11:47 EDT 2000

Michael Nahrath wrote:
> I vote for your proposal.
> If you offer to develope a new task and join distributed.net to do the
> programing and coordination and if it is a good idea they should accept
> that.
> Things can be so easy. Just do them!
> Greeting, Michi

... Just do them!...

HEY!  I think you guys are going to far.  
Just because someone thinks it would be nice to work on something other 
than rc5 he shouldn't have to take this from you.

a) Yes he could offer maybe a couple project suggestions
b) However expecting him to be able to program them is asking too much
c) Why hasn't OGR been restarted?  It seems like that would cover the need
d) I subscribe to all the dnet newsletters and besides asking for a 
   pro in database programing I don't recall seeing anything else.
e) I have seen no specific requests for help on any projects with exception 
   of testers which seem to be eagerly filled.
f) If dnet needs help all they need to do is ask for someone who can do blah,
   but I have seen few requests.  And like I said the one I did see asked
   for a Ph.D. level programer with like 3 years experience.  So this will
   leave many of us hackers sitting on the bench.
g) Finally give the guy credit, he said he likes it here.  If he didn't he
   would just leave and his cpu hours would be lost without comment.  And
   he wouldn't have to listen to you guys to tell him to do more.  He has
   already done more than many and look what it has gotten him.


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