Burning the midnight oil was RE: [RC5] Getting the maximum performance out of a single processor machine

Steve Clark sclark at pilat.com
Thu Jun 15 16:05:04 EDT 2000


I suppose I may have been overreacting, but I do think that if people are
going to be using a PC during the day it might as well be running something
like DNet. It's just the idea of running machines dedicated to it that I
find wasteful.

Anyway, the pollution produced by my PC pales into insignificance when I
look out of the office window at the hundreds of cars streaming past on the
North Circular (London) and the planes landing in the distance at Heathrow.
Then there's my 84 mile round trip every day on my motorbike...

As for the contest in general I must admit to becoming bored. It's only
because I've recruited so many colleagues that I'm actually climbing and
even then the rate of climb is dropping off as we get into the upper
reached. (Currently in top 14000 with over 260,000 blocks). Where's my OGR?
I could be tempted away by the climate modelling project at
http://www.climate-dynamics.rl.ac.uk/ when it eventually starts.

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From: tomdv at datatx.com
Sent: 13 June 2000 18:05

Dear Steve,

I agree with you, having a PC working all day just on code cracking does
add to global pollution. And if you take all those PC's, it's a lot of
energy. But if you take that reasoning a bit further then you should not
buy a PC. Constructing it already consumes a lot of energy. So, if you
don't mind me saying, in my opinion you take it one step too far.

Dnet is also entertainment, why else the stat-box? How many hits do you
think it has a day? I personally am not in for the money, I am pretty sure
I will never find the key but it's the effort that counts and the fun.
Boring? Like hell it is boring. When people hear the 'moo', they often ask
me if it can't produce anoher sound every once in a while.

My conclusion is it's fun, although a bit an abstract kind off fun.



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