[RC5] Getting the maximum performance out of a single processor machine

richard L. King Jr. richardking57 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 13 21:47:46 EDT 2000

i saw several mentions of polution.
polution is only a side effect of people.
and gee wiz we got plenty.
about 6.2 billion worldwide.
about 270 million in the u.s.
and 4.2 new babies per second worldwide.
world population will double in less
than 50 years.
the world has ten times as many people
as it can hold comfortably. (for both
the planet and the people).
thats the real problem.
every one knows thats the real problem.
no one talks about it though.
the reason is we know that human nature
can't be changed. so why bother.
btw, i have no children.
stepping off podium.....

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