[RC5] Irix issues

Stephan Wonczak sws at sherlock.pc.uni-koeln.de
Wed Jun 14 10:44:25 EDT 2000

  Chris, and Dave,
  This issue has been around for some time, I even reported this as a bug
(#1050). As of yet, there was no solution for it, and I still have to run
the dnetc5-client on my dual-processor Octane... 
  Even running  the new client as a normal user rather than root freezes
the machine!

		C U, Stephan
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On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Dave Gruber fell across the keyboard, resulting in:

> Chris,
> I too have seen the same behavior on our Origin2000, 6.5.4m.  I
> switched back to an older version of client for now... :-(
> -Dave
> I've been running the dnet irix client for a while, and beginning last
> client revision (before 460) the client began having two problems
> (this is
> a R4k Indigo2 running 6.5.6m). If I run it as root, the machine
> completely
> freezes. Instantly nothing responds except for the mouse, and within
> five
> seconds this too is gone. Also, the dnetc doesn't seem to as "play
> nicely"
> with other anymore. When running other cpu-bound tasks dnet continues
> to
> eat lots of cpu (the only public-domain software example I have is
> bzflag,
> the framerate starts around 50fps, and in twenty seconds or so drops
> to
> around 1).
> Neither of these were issues until semi-recently, or I would assume
> (at
> least for the latter) that they were irix issues. Any guesses? Anyone
> else
> seeing this behavior?
> thanks,
> --
> Chris Frost  |  <http://www.frostnet.net/chris/>

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