[RC5] Just some thoughts...

Mike Reed mike at mikereed.nu
Sun Jun 18 00:20:13 EDT 2000

Hi guys,

I've been following the recent discussions, and I'm wondering why a lot of
the thoughts are negative.

OGR will be restarting soon. We don't know when. But if you install the 460
release clients, you'll know as soon as it does. When I was young, somebody
told me that patience was a virtue. Let's practise some patience.

Why is RC5 boring? I don't think it is. Sure, it's taking a long time. It's
a big project. The best way to solve that is to recruit more computers. Tell
your friends about distributed.net. Put banners on your web site. Help your
friends install the clients. It has gotten easier to install over the
revisions, but people still get confused by it. It doesn't take 5 minutes.
Yet there are plenty of newbies out there with fast new boxen who should
install the client, but won't because they don't know how.

As for new projects, great. If you have ideas for new projects, and can code
them, or get people to help you code them, great. Chat to the ops in
#distributed, if they think a project is do-able in the d.net framework,
they'll help you.

Last but not least....visit http://www.igive.com/html/refer.cfm?causeid=1098
.It's an easy and free way to raise money for d.net. You can click on their
banners and get 1c for each click... If you buy something from a vendor in
their mall, they will give d.net 4c for each click on a banner. I buy all my
CDs from CDNow, d.net get about a dollar donated for each one. Plus, the
first time you buy something, d.net get a $10 bonus from iGive. Isn't that

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