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|At 02:18 AM 6/13/2000 -0700, untulis at netgate.net wrote?
|>Zulfiqar Naushad <zna at home.com> wrote:
|>: Here is what I think.  RC5-64 is a dandy project, I think it's
|>: great.  HOWEVER and a big HOWEVER is that I want my CPU to 
|do something
|>: more "useful".
|>So get off your ass and implement something.
|That would work.  Too bad the other umpteen percent of the current 
|participants have little to no experience in concieving and/or 
|coding a 
|distributed project.


There are many ways to contribute to a new project.  Coding is only
one of them.  What is generally lacking is not programming talent,
but enthusiasm for a particular project, and the available time of
the existing volunteers.

Moose's e-mails and the recent client releases should give you a hint
that progress is being made on OGR.  We're in a Catch-22 - we all
want to start OGR sooner rather than later, but every buggy release
of the client ends up being the last upgrade on a certain number of
machines in the world.

Have you tested .460?  Are you observing for bugs and reporting them
to bugzilla (http://www.distributed.net/bugs)?  Those who test new
releases help us speed the process.

There are many positions in d.net which have little to do with
programming.  Not all positions are advertised, but those who are
interested and capable are welcomed with open arms.  Just off the top
of my head, here are some of the other roles performed by d.net staff
where more hands would make the work lighter:  Website authoring and
maintenance, Press Release writing and distribution, answering
questions sent to help at distributed.net, following up on bugs in
bugzilla, alpha-testing new clients and stats, collecting, organizing
and responding to suggestions for other projects.  These tasks have
very low or no programming skill requirements, but often take dcti
staff away from other roles that *do* require programming.

When it comes down to it, this list isn't a very good place to make
requests.  Neither is #distributed (unless you're talking directly to
d.net staff).  If you want your concerns addressed, send them to
help at distributed.net or register them in bugzilla.  Both of these
create a permanent record, and provide a vehicle for official
responses.  Otherwise, the ranting just becomes part of the
ever-growing noise.
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