[RC5] Irix issues

Maarten Vink vink at interstroom.nl
Mon Jun 19 15:34:08 EDT 2000

While fixing the client is obviously important, I was wondering if
anyone has reported this bug to SGI yet. It's not a good thing that
every user has the ability to crash your Octane...

"Jim C. Nasby" wrote:
> This bug has been fixed, and the client with that fix is pre-release. It
> should be out in a few days.
> Stephan Wonczak wrote:
> >
> >   Chris, and Dave,
> >   This issue has been around for some time, I even reported this as a bug
> > (#1050). As of yet, there was no solution for it, and I still have to run
> > the dnetc5-client on my dual-processor Octane...
> >   Even running  the new client as a normal user rather than root freezes
> > the machine!
> >
> >                 C U, Stephan
> >
> >
Maarten Vink
vink at euroslicht.nl

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