[RC5] ini file listing for latest clients?

Simon Quill distributed-rc5 at bryant-broadcast.co.uk
Mon Jun 19 15:27:38 EDT 2000

Hi all.

Is there a complete listing of the INI file contents for the latest
clients? I looked on the faq on distributed.net's site but couldn't find

I have just updated to dnetc v2.8009-460-CTR-00060723 for Win32 and I
can't appear to set it up the way I used to with the old GUI version

I used to set the input buffer to a figure greater than 1 and the output
buffer to 1 so that the client flushed it's blocks immediately but the
input buffer had enough blocks to cope with my personal proxy being

Is it possible to do the same with 2.8?

Best regards,
Simon Quill

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