[RC5] ini file listing for latest clients?

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Thu Jun 22 02:09:16 EDT 2000

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Date: Thursday, June 22, 2000 12:57 AM
Subject: [RC5] ini file listing for latest clients?

>Is there a complete listing of the INI file contents for the latest
>clients? I looked on the faq on distributed.net's site but couldn't find
No, there is no such list. The options differ between the releases and the OSes as well.

>I have just updated to dnetc v2.8009-460-CTR-00060723 for Win32 and I
>can't appear to set it up the way I used to with the old GUI version
Use dnetc -config for configuration. All options are explained.

>I used to set the input buffer to a figure greater than 1 and the output
>buffer to 1 so that the client flushed it's blocks immediately but the
>input buffer had enough blocks to cope with my personal proxy being
Threshold settings have changed a lot since 2.7: Packets -> work units, flush threshold is gone, advanced frequent options...

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