[RC5] Linux boot disks

Julian Smith julians at dukenukemcity.com
Thu Jun 22 10:38:17 EDT 2000

There are several single disk versions of linux kicking around, I have
tried floppix (http://floppix.ccai.com/) which allows user creation 
and has inetd demon to allow remote management of these 'diskless'
clients, It is also a good educational tool for teaching people basic
unix commands because it is nearon impossible to wipe out your hard
drive, I have several boxes running this linux system, all using 3c509
3com ethernet cards, all of the operating system is run in RAM and the
dnet program run quite happly.

The obvious problem is that if you loose power you loose everything, but
if you network several of these machines together and have a proxy server
with a harddrive to collect and dispense keys which in turn forwards the
keys to one of the official key servers you should have no problem.

Also there are some good links from tomsrtbt home page
(http://www.toms.net/rb/) there are many single disk versions of linux
amongst others.

Another usefull document is the LINUX-HOWTO boot disks

Julian Smith 
julian at dukenukemcity.com
KEYS nimrod at dukenukemcity.com

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Andrew Frank wrote:

> That'd be great if you did.  When you're done, at the very least, you should 
> get yourself a link from the FAQ-o-matic so that people will be able to find 
> it.
> I personally am better at using *nix from a user's prospective than an 
> admin's perspective, so even simple things like mounting/unmounting a floppy 
> or CD-ROM can be a pain for me.  I don't know how small you can get it.  As 
> one person who would use it, this is what would be useful to me (just 
> suggestions, take 'em or leave 'em).
> First, it would be nice if the disk were formatted with a standard 1.44MB 
> format, that way the buffers can be fetched/flushed by sneakernetting the 
> whole disk into virtually any 'net connected computer (Windows, Linux, MacOS 
> anyway).
> Second, SMP support would be cool, but as of yet, I think most SMP boxes 
> have hard drives so this isn't as important.
> Third, inclusion of tools like uptime, top would be nice (I don't know
> what's built into the kernel and what isn't, but those would be nice if they 
> just magically worked somehow).
> Fourth, the ability to set/change passwords, create accounts would be
> cool.  As well, enough free space to use it as an internet connection
> sharing router would be nice.  I realize that this is really pushing what 
> can be done in 1.39MB though, so I'd be surprised to see it.
> Andrew
> >I'm tempted to take that project on... it shouldn't be too hard... a
> >simple minix disk with a kernel and the recent dnetc (8007)... build the
> >kernel solid and small, give the flexability to only load the kernel
> >module to support the ethernet card. Perhaps a script for a full blown
> >linux box to build the disk and it's configuration...
> >
> >BTW, what's with the lack of 8009s for other platforms? I have a couple
> >linux/x86 boxes waiting for them...
> >
> >- -Gerald
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