[RC5] ini file listing for latest clients?

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Wed Jun 21 19:19:07 EDT 2000

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Hi, Simon.

The buffer maintenance options have changed drastically with -460. 
The old method may not be needed anymore, because dnetc has options
that specify something very similar.

It's preferred that you not flush after every block, as this
generates more traffic than necessary.  We could be doing this for
another three years yet.  Waiting 24 hours to get your work isn't
likely to make a big difference.  }:8)

All the documentation most people need on configuring the client are
inside the client itself.  If you have the cow icon in your tray, you
can right-click and choose Configure.  If not, go to a DOS prompt,
change to the directory where the client is installed, and type
"dnetc -config".  (Actually, you can use this even if you see the Cow
in your tray.)  The choices are the same whichever path you choose. 
The built-in config is the preferred way of configuring, since it
will validate your input, and let you see new options that are

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|Hi all.
|Is there a complete listing of the INI file contents for the latest
|clients? I looked on the faq on distributed.net's site but 
|couldn't find
|I have just updated to dnetc v2.8009-460-CTR-00060723 for Win32 and
|I can't appear to set it up the way I used to with the old GUI
|version (2.7?).
|I used to set the input buffer to a figure greater than 1 and 
|the output
|buffer to 1 so that the client flushed it's blocks immediately but
|the input buffer had enough blocks to cope with my personal proxy
|Is it possible to do the same with 2.8?
|Best regards,
|Simon Quill
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