[RC5] dnetc Windows 95/98/NT Install Packaging

Joseph R.Luciano rack.cracker at usa.net
Mon Jun 26 15:04:39 EDT 2000

Whatever happened to the dnet client Windows 95/08/NT Install Packaging?  I
noticed it was never updated beyond the 458 version, and finally the listing
for the "Install Package" on the download page has disappeared completely.  
It was very intelligent, effective, and easy to use and distribute to our team
members.  It was especially convenient for those members who are not
especially PC-savy.  

I have not found any reference to it or its demise in the documentation,
.plans,  or this mailing list.  Will the "Install Package" eventually be
available in the 460 version and the future?  If so, what is the estimated
availability?  Or, is it gone "forever"?


Joe Luciano
For: Rack.Cracker,
and: The Lucky Luciano Gang

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