[RC5] farfetched stats idea?

Greg Ackerson greg at auriga.larc.nasa.gov
Tue Jun 27 14:40:57 EDT 2000

Hi Decibel et al. I got a queer idea for stats:
A timeline: "When did your CPU become obsolete?"

Last I checked Dnet does 147.9 Bk/s, with 44,362 people active.
Assuming *most* people use a single machine to conribute keys, that
comes out to ~3.3 Mk/s. Now let's pick an arbitrary threshold--5%--and
say if your processor at best can't do more than that (0.05 x 3.3M = 165
kk/s, which I think is about as fast as a 486-133?), then it is
considered "obsolete". 

So you look at the historical performance du jour of Dnet, and average
peaks for processors we have stats for, and the first time Dnet's
average user's contrib is over 20x (if we use the 5% threshold) your
processor, then it gets a seat in the timeline, lucky you!  :)


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