[RC5] Value of CPU time?

Justin T. Fanning Justin at futurecorp.co.uk
Sat Mar 4 20:28:13 EST 2000

Could I pose a question to the list, how much would people be willing
to sell their CPU time for?

I started doing some calculations today, if you price a basic P400
system at USD$1,000.00 and give it a life of three years, the machine
would owe you 3.8c/Hr, but this would equate to the buyer of CPU buying
the machine at 100% face value, if you discounted the price to say 2c
per (CPU) hour, this is roughly the equivalent of ~ 2c per 2^32 block.

This means if you offered 50% of your CPU time, commercial distributed
networking would subsidize 1/4 of the machine cost, not bad for nothing
and its good for the buyer, they get access to a month of CPU time for
~~ USD$15  (USD$175.20/yr).  Obviously if you have a more or less
powerful CPU sweeten or dilute the figures to taste.

I've processed ~ 200,000 RC5 blocks, I wouldn't object to receiving a
cheque for USD$250.00 tomorrow.

This post doesn't constitute an offer, I am just enquiring as to costs
as I could be a CPU buyer soon.


Justin T. Fanning
Justin at futurecorp.co.uk

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