[RC5] Value of CPU time?

Honk honk at hopf.org
Mon Mar 6 17:53:43 EST 2000

"Justin T. Fanning" wrote:
> Could I pose a question to the list, how much would people be willing
> to sell their CPU time for?
> I started doing some calculations today, if you price a basic P400
> system at USD$1,000.00 and give it a life of three years


If I were paying for your CPU time, I would want to pay for just that.
Not the rest of the $1000 system. Take out most of the RAM, sound cards,
all the drives except the floppy drive, replace your 16MB 3D graphics
card with the cheapest card you can find (256k ISA?), cheapo network
card, that's it. How much does a PII400, mobo, case, 16Mb RAM, FDD, NIC,
VGA cost in US$?

Then of course there is the power to run the thing, the space to put it,
the noise and heat that it generates, .... ; who gets to pay for those?

Just wanted to stir things up :¬)



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