[RC5] athlon slooooow

Jeff Lawson jlawson at bovine.net
Sat Mar 4 19:31:24 EST 2000

On Fri, 3 Mar 2000, john wrote:

> i just got an athlon 700 and while im aware that there is no athlon
> optimized core yet, i really thought it would be able to at least
> brute force better than im seeing.  i benchmarked all cores in the
> current dnetc client and can do no better than 301,000 keys/s.  i
> thought i was reading it wrong at first, but that is indeed the case.  
> then i thought maybe the bench was just off, ran it for a bit and
> never broke 300 kkeys/s.  this machine is running win98.  my sun
> ultra5 running redhat does better than this athlon...its a sad sad
> day.  anyone know wtf?

You may find it interesting to see the comparative speeds that other
people have submitted for Athlon processors.  You'll notice that many
others have reported significantly higher speeds for all Athlon processor
speeds.  Note that the following url is continuous, but it may end up
wrapped by some mailers.


There have been a number of discussions (on this list and elsewhere) about
the prospects of having a core that specifically targets Athlon based
processors.  In fact, we already have received a submission of a new
Athlon core from someone last week and are pleased to note that it will be
included with all of the next client releases.  However, the speed gains
by this specifically optimized core only represents an approximate 10%
gain or so on Athlon processors.  It is not clear that any more
significant gains can be achieved by using any radically different
processing techniques for RC5 on Athlon.

Since your reported keyrate is so significantly disproportionate to the
speeds reported by others, I would recommend you investigating the percent
cpu utilization by the client while it is running.  Possibly also consider
checking for hardware problems, such as motherboard configuration or cache
enabling options that may have been misconfigured.

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