[RC5] Value of CPU time?

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Interesting calculations.  However, I think if that model was used,
you'd have to slope the costs somewhat, based on the current cost or
value of the CPU, not just because the price comes down, but because
many people will use the computer longer than 3 years.  If payment were
the incentive, you'd want to continue to pay people after 3 years,
because the value of the work done is not zero.

You also need to take into account people who buy an older machine at a
reduced price.

Realistically, I don't think these numbers are anywhere close to
achievable.  If we (distributed.net) could afford to compensate 200K
participants in the amount of 50% of their computers, we'd be better
off buying 50K computers of our own, which we could control and run at
100% all the time.  The increase in reliability and responsiveness
would easily offset the loss in overall  CPU power.

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|Could I pose a question to the list, how much would people be willing
|to sell their CPU time for?
|I started doing some calculations today, if you price a basic P400
|system at USD$1,000.00 and give it a life of three years, the machine
|would owe you 3.8c/Hr, but this would equate to the buyer of CPU
|buying the machine at 100% face value, if you discounted the price to
|say 2c per (CPU) hour, this is roughly the equivalent of ~ 2c per 2^32
|This means if you offered 50% of your CPU time, commercial distributed
|networking would subsidize 1/4 of the machine cost, not bad for
|nothing and its good for the buyer, they get access to a month of CPU
|time for ~~ USD$15  (USD$175.20/yr).  Obviously if you have a more or
|less powerful CPU sweeten or dilute the figures to taste.  
|I've processed ~ 200,000 RC5 blocks, I wouldn't object to receiving a
|cheque for USD$250.00 tomorrow.
|This post doesn't constitute an offer, I am just enquiring as to costs
|as I could be a CPU buyer soon.
|Justin T. Fanning
|Justin at futurecorp.co.uk
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