[RC5] Value of CPU time?

Seth H. Bokelman seth.bokelman at uni.edu
Tue Mar 7 16:39:33 EST 2000

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Jim, I understand what you're saying about knee-jerk reactions, and I
agree with what you've said about it not being a pyramid scheme.  I
currently use AllAdvantage, as well as eads, both of which reward you
for referring other people to them.  However, to gain some
credibility among the distributed.netters ProcessTree is going to
actually have to come up with a project that will bring in money and
then pay out some money to the members as well.  I'd sure switch to
any service that paid me money for my CPU time, but I'm not going to
start handing out a bunch of info about myself to every Joe who puts
up a web site and claims to have a way to make money at some point in
the future.  I think some people were also put off by you listing a
URL which would have made you a lot of money if everyone signed up
via it.  Granted, you did refer everyone to the service, but next
time just point out to people that you would be profiting from it,
and they'll probably be a lot more reasonable.

That said, I hope that ProcessTree does take off, I know many people
who'd use it.

- -Seth H. Bokelman

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This stuff about ProcessTree Network being an illegal pyramid scheme
getting real old! The negative, paranoid and misinformed members of
mailing list should go here: http://www.mlmlegal.com/schemes.html <>
or here: 
http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/alerts/pyrdalrt.htm  so that you
can have 
a better understanding on what an illegal pyramid scheme is and is

I understand that the ProcessTree web site is quite plain and could
somewhat suspicious to some people. I had my doubts so I check them
out and 
found nothing that would point to a bunch of scam artist out to steal
money, which would be hard to do because it's free to sign up (unlike
pyramid scheme) and there is no legal obligations. With the recent
success of 
paid to surf programs such as AllAdvantage I think the tier referral
is a good way to promote the program, as good if not better than come
for ET or come do some brute force password cracking! While SETI at home
Distributed.Net are processing useful data they are mostly just test
beds for 
the type of commercial distributed computing that ProcessTree and
companies would like to do.

I believe that most people involved in distributed computing would
like a 
little reimbursement for there time and effort. The few misinformed
that go around crying wolf is a hindrance to the goal of 'for-pay' 
distributed processing and is why I felt something needed to be said.

Just my opinion,

Jim Archer
jim at northwestweather.com


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