[RC5] Value of CPU time?

Paul Walker paul.walker at st.com
Thu Mar 9 10:05:05 EST 2000

> paid to surf programs such as AllAdvantage I think the tier referral
> system 
> is a good way to promote the program, as good if not better than come

It's one way to promote; not necessarily the best *or* a good way, given the
amount of AllAdvantage spam which has arisen since then. 

> I believe that most people involved in distributed computing would like a
> little reimbursement for there time and effort. The few misinformed people

I can't speak for anyone else, but no, I'm not really interested. It would
take some of the fun out of it, somehow.

> that go around crying wolf is a hindrance to the goal of 'for-pay'
> distributed processing and is why I felt something needed to be said.

Just bear in mind that while it might be "the goal" to you, it's probably a
lot less important to many people.

Anyway. That was my 2p. ;)

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