[RC5] Teraflops

Zorba the Hutt zorbathut at uswest.net
Mon Mar 13 02:19:41 EST 2000


"The world's fastest computer, nicknamed Janus . . . it's powered by more
than 9,000 Pentium Pro processors"

I'm getting curious - how does this compare to dnet? If my quick estimations
are right, we totally smash it to pieces. Some quick calculations . . . I,
with the help of a small computer lab mostly filled with lousy computers,
hit about 1000kkeys/sec. Assuming that they're using top-o-the-line
processors, let's give them a rate of 2500kkeys/sec each (not sure about the
actual speed of them, that's just a wild guess, adjusted up quite a bit so
that I'm underestimating). At this writing, 2:15 AM Monday morning, dnetc is
getting about 100gkeys/sec, or 100,000,000 kkeys/sec. At
2500kkeys/sec/processor, that's 40,000 processors.

That's a lot of processors.

And this is the middle of the night.

Admittedly, we have a few maintenance and stability problems they don't, but
still . . . it's an impressive amount of horsepower.

One thing I'm curious about - what's the running cost of something like
Janus? What's the going rate for CPU cycles? Admittedly this brings us back
to the "pay-per-key" thing, which I have no wish to enter into again (quick
summary: if we start getting paid, dnet's keyrate will go through the floor
due to people taking their clients off .edu computers. Go to processtree
instead if you want to get paid. And hope they get started eventually . .
. ) where was I? oh yeah. This brings us back to the "pay-per-key" thing,
but I still think it'd be an interesting statistic.

>From someone who actually has a top-o-the-line PPro, what's the keyrate


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