[RC5] Value of CPU time?

Seth H. Bokelman seth.bokelman at uni.edu
Sat Mar 11 12:25:04 EST 2000

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Absolutely, the amount of garbage on a retail PC is absolutely
shameful.  Half of those apps cause conflicts with the other, and eat
up all the RAM as well.  I don't reccomend buying a retail PC to
anyone anymore, and if anyone I knows actually buys one, I usually
advocate reformatting the drive and starting clean.  The worst of
these are the vendors like Compaq, who ship a CD with an image of the
drive as it shipped, so you don't even get a Windows CD, and can't
re-install without all the garbage.

I think that any of the groups who "give" PC's away could easily
install a client on the systems.  They already demand a ton of
information from their users, and bombard them with ads, as well as
probably tracking their web surfing habits for marketing research.  I
fail to see how a client similar to the distributed.net one would
rile anyone up, it's fairly innocuous.  It's been rumored that Corel
will be producing a Linux machine to give away with a 2 year ISP
commitment, that'd be a great place to install the clients, as the
Linux machines I've used the client on don't seem to suffer the same
ill-effects that Windows boxes do with the clients running.

- -Seth

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>>Don't be insane.  You couldn't (in good conscience) ship systems
>>with something like this installed without telling people.  That
>>would be so hypocritical is isn't funny, unless you are one of
>>those people ^H^H^H^Hthe only one who was cheering for Real
>>Networks when the news came out that their programs did stuff
>>behind your back.  

I'm not at all insane... have you seen the all the crap installed by
default on a retail PC nowadays? There's a whole shitload of stuff
installed without the buyers knowledge... much of it paid for by the
software maker to increase thier market share (AOL and other ISPs,
anti-virus software, and more). Many PC manufacturers install
hardware monitoring applets that run constantly in the background.

So I don't see anything immoral about installing a distributed
computing client on a machine that's rented from PeoplePC, so long as
it is metnioned in the rental agreement. As I mentioned in my
previous posts, the morality gets a bit dicier for retail PCs, but I
would certainly think that it would be *legal* in most U.S. states.
Perhaps it could present running the distributed client as an option
at first boot. Would that still offend you?


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