[RC5] Teraflops

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Mon Mar 13 20:08:15 EST 2000

There is more to this machine than just 9000 processors.

It uses a semi-proprietary network fabric to coordinate it's efforts.  That
fabric would "totally smash dnet to pieces", so coin a phrase.  It is an
impressive bit of machinery.  

(I can't remember what sort of NDA I signed, so I can't tell you anything
interesting, but I bet you could find out more about this computer at

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> http://www.intel.com/onedigitalday/explore/infinity/janus.htm
> "The world's fastest computer, nicknamed Janus . . . it's powered by more
> than 9,000 Pentium Pro processors"
> I'm getting curious - how does this compare to dnet? If my quick
> estimations
> are right, we totally smash it to pieces. Some quick calculations . . . I,
> with the help of a small computer lab mostly filled with lousy computers,
> hit about 1000kkeys/sec. Assuming that they're using top-o-the-line
> processors, let's give them a rate of 2500kkeys/sec each (not sure about
> the
> actual speed of them, that's just a wild guess, adjusted up quite a bit so
> that I'm underestimating). At this writing, 2:15 AM Monday morning, dnetc
> is
> getting about 100gkeys/sec, or 100,000,000 kkeys/sec. At
> 2500kkeys/sec/processor, that's 40,000 processors.
> That's a lot of processors.
> And this is the middle of the night.
> Admittedly, we have a few maintenance and stability problems they don't,
> but
> still . . . it's an impressive amount of horsepower.
> One thing I'm curious about - what's the running cost of something like
> Janus? What's the going rate for CPU cycles? Admittedly this brings us
> back
> to the "pay-per-key" thing, which I have no wish to enter into again
> (quick
> summary: if we start getting paid, dnet's keyrate will go through the
> floor
> due to people taking their clients off .edu computers. Go to processtree
> instead if you want to get paid. And hope they get started eventually . .
> . ) where was I? oh yeah. This brings us back to the "pay-per-key" thing,
> but I still think it'd be an interesting statistic.
> From someone who actually has a top-o-the-line PPro, what's the keyrate
> like?
> -Zorba
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