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>"The world's fastest computer, nicknamed Janus . . . it's powered by more
>than 9,000 Pentium Pro processors"

>I'm getting curious - how does this compare to dnet? If my quick
>are right, we totally smash it to pieces.

Umm... yea we kick ass with cracking RC5... but this computer is designed to
perform a teraflop in the same place.... so you can actualy have one program
running at that speed... not a bunch of little programs working

>From someone who actually has a top-o-the-line PPro, what's the keyrate

What's top of the line? On a dual P II 450 box I get around 2.6Mk/sec (in
linux) and a dual cellerie 550 about 3.08Mke/sec (in w2k) I am not sure what
clockspeed the thing is running at but eitherway pro cracking keys is
probably not that different from a P II or P III... also there was a listing
of the dnet client speeds on different machins on the web-site... but I
can't find it now. sorry

I am kind of disapointed that people in sandia are running pentium pros...
nothing wrong with that of course, cheap and fast. but I thought that they
would be using some custom chips or sparcs or mips or something in that
effect, even crays... this is a bit off topic here but I just looked on the
SGI web-site for the cray info (http://www.sgi.com/t3e/overview.html) the
Cray T3E has a peak performance of 2.4TeraFLOPS... so I don't see why intel
says worlds fastest computer (maybe cause its made out of normal procs?)I
wonder how fast quake can run on that = \ hehehe


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