[RC5] Help please with DNETC.EXE -switches

John Inkson jinkson at nsw.bigpond.net.au
Thu Mar 16 00:36:21 EST 2000

I'm having trouble with a logon scipt for NT trying to auto update Win95
clients with the 2.8007-458 client.

basically it goes like this


C:\"Program Files"\DNET\DNETC.EXE -shutdown -quiet
XCOPY \\server\share\filestocopy C:\"Program Files"\DNET /s
ECHO Ver 2.8007.458>>%windir%\28007458.VER
C:\"Program Files"\DNET\DNETC.EXE -install -quiet
C:\"Program Files"\DNET\DNETC.EXE -hide

The problem is that using the -shutdown or the -uninstall switch in
combination with the -quiet switch doesn't appear to shut down the client
properly as xcopy fails with a file open message.  If I take out the -quiet
switch and respond to the dialogue boxes as they pop up it works hunky dory.

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