[RC5] RC5 performance degradation with Windows 2000 Professio nal

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By default W2K Pro installs and activates the Indexing service.  I
think it's an outgrowth of the FastFind from MS Office.  I'm using this
service myself... but it's pretty much idle once it's indexed all your
existing files.

If you want to use it, but don't want to disable it entirely, try
preventing it from indexing volatile directories such as TEMP, RECYCLER
and Temporary Internet Files.  Preventing it from indexing your dnetc
directory is probably a good idea as well.

You can control which directories Indexing will track using Windows
Explorer.  Right click on the directory you want to change and choose
Properties.  Click Advanced, then uncheck the box labeled "For fast
searching, allow Indexing Service to index this folder".  When you
click OK, it will ask if you want to apply your change to files and
subdirectories as well.

To turn off the Indexing Service entirely, you can use the the Computer
Management Console.  Go to Services and Applications, Indexing Service,
and delete all the catalogs inside.  Then you can stop the service and
mark it for "Manual" instead of "Automatic" start.
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|Ever since I upgraded to Windows 2000 Professional, my 
|performance has been 
|in the toilet - about 1/2 what it once was.  Does anyone know 
|any magic to 
|get it back up to the same value it was under WinNT 4.0?
|FYI the computer is a 667 MHz PIII.  I do not have any 
|applications running 
|that I did not have before.  I am running the NT service, not 
|a screen saver.
|Thanks for any insight.
|- Jim
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